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Basic Info.

Model NO.
First Class
Product Name
Carbon Black
Rubber/Plastic/ Textile Auxiliary Agents etc
Raw Material
Synthetic Rubber
Silica Dioxide/Pigment Carbonblack
Wet or Dry Process
White Black Powder/Granular
Manufacturing Method
Chemical Method of Activated Carbon
Water Solubility
Rubber Grade
Environmental Protection Industry, Chemical Indust
Carbon Black
Industrial Grade
N330 N660 N234
Carbon Black
Transport Package
HS Code
Production Capacity

Product Description

Product Description


Description of carbon black powder:

Chemical Name: Carbon Black 
Type:N220/N234/N326/N330/N339/N351/N375/N550/N660/White Carbon Black
Cas no:1333-86-4
Form: black granule or powder
Process: wet or dry process
High-amplifying conductive carbon black powder. Easily dispersed and provides a high level extrudability of rubber compounds. Includes in the tread rubber of tires for passenger cars and trucks. Provides increased wear resistance tires, high resistance to tensile, tolerable tear resistance. N 220 is recommended for use in the manufacturing of conveyor belts and other rubber products, which require increased durability.

Detailed Photos

Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw
Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw
Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw


Product Parameters


Items N220 N330 N550 N660
Iodine Absorption Number g/kg 121 +/-5 82 +/-5 43 +/-4 36 +/-4
DBP Absorption Number 10-5m3/Kg 114 +/-5 102 +/-5 121 +/-5 90 +/-5
DBP Absorption Number of Compressed Sample 10-5m3/Kg 93~107 81~95 81~95 68~82
CTAB Surface Area 103m2/Kg 106~116 79~87 38~46 31~39
Nitrogen Surface Area 103m2/Kg 114~124 78~88 38~46 30~40
Tint Strength 110~120 98~108 - -
Heating Loss 3.0 2.5 2.5 1.5
Ash 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Tensile Strength Map TM -0.8 -1.5 -3.5 -3.5
Extension% TM +10 -10 -10 +10
Map Modulus at 300% -2.5 +/-1.3 -1.7 +/-1.3 -1.7 +/-1.3 -3.5 +/-1.3

Packaging & Shipping


Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw
Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw



According to different uses, carbon black is usually divided into pigment carbon black, rubber carbon black, conductive carbon black and special carbon black.


Carbon black for pigment - Internationally, according to the coloring ability of carbon black, it is usually divided into three categories, namely high pigment carbon black, medium pigment carbon black and low pigment carbon black. This classification is usually represented by three letters in English, the first two of which indicate the colouring capacity of carbon black and the last of which indicates the production method.


Carbon black for rubber - Carbon black for rubber was originally classified by particle size, but later changed to nitrogen surface area. In addition, factors such as vulcanization speed and structure of carbon black pigment were also taken into account in the naming, which consists of four systems. The first English letter represents the vulcanization rate of rubber material, with N representing normal vulcanization rate, S representing slow vulcanization rate. The last three are Arabic numerals. The first number represents the surface area range of carbon black nitrogen, which is classified as 0 to 9 grades. The second and third numbers, assigned by the American Society for Testing Materials' D24.41 committee on carbon black and terminology, reflect the varying degrees of structure, the approximate high and low structure of carbon black, and are somewhat arbitrary. Relatively speaking, the larger the number, the higher the structure.

Company Profile


Hebei Shengyin Packaging Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to the research and development of a variety of more suitable for different industries and user applications of professional high-end products, Hebei Shengyin packaging Co., Ltd. based on the application of new products, new technology, new process, new materials research and development, in titanium dioxide industry unique, The company has formed several major backbone products such as titanium dioxide for paper making,  titanium dioxide for chemical fiber, titanium dioxide for denitrification catalyst, and a series of high-end products such as universal rutile titanium dioxide, universal anatase titanium dioxide, nano photocatalytic titanium dioxide, electronic grade titanium dioxide, etc.  We have a rich inventory
Black Masterbatch/Carbon Black Masterbatch/Color Masterbatch/Raw



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We are group company, we have our own factory to do the production to ensure high quality product with competitive price.
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