Food and Beverage Packaging Color Masterbatch

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
1-Food-grade color masterbatch
Black Masterbatches
Food Contact Safe Applications
Colour Masterbatches
Pearl & Metallic Effect, Fluorescent & Other Colou
Additive Masterbatches
Slip, PPA, Antistatic, Anti-Microbial, Optical Bri
Transport Package
Package Paper-Plastic Package
Production Capacity
20000 Kg/Year

Product Description

CHONGYUAN food grade color masterbatch is made of PE and PP as carriers, inorganic pigments and organic dyes with high performance additives. The particles are uniform and beautiful in appearance, cylindrical or flat circular in shape, uniform in color, good dispersion, stability and heat resistance. It is widely used in packaging film, basin, bottle, cap, pipe and various containers, toys, household appliances, office supplies, automobile decoration. Parts and all kinds of building plates, pipes, etc. are suitable for various blow moulding, extrusion, injection moulding, casting, wire drawing, chemical fibers and other processing areas.

Product Parameters

Melt Flow Index (MFI) > 5 (g/10min) Light  resistance 5~8
Processing temperature 150~300°C Weather resistance 4~5
Moisture content  <0.2% Delta E (△E) ≤0.8
Transference resistance 4~5    
*Please note: all the technical specification above can be customized, feel free to contact us.


Chongyuan offers number of masterbatches solutions for different packaging application. Packaging applications includes- Rigid Packaging- Applications like RIBC, Blow Moulded Containers etc; Flexible Packaging- Applications like Food Packaging Films (mono/multi-layer), FIBC, FMCG Packaging etc

Food and Beverage Packaging Color Masterbatch
Food and Beverage Packaging Color Masterbatch
Food and Beverage Packaging Color Masterbatch



Our products are in compliance with EU RoHS directive, Sony Green Partner, and other environmental protection requirements.
America FDA 177.1520
China GB 4806.6-2016 GB 9685-2016
Europe (EC) No1935/2004  (EU) No10/2011 

*Note: no bisphenol A, plasticizer and other qualified substances

Food and Beverage Packaging Color Masterbatch


Our Advantages

With multiple manufacturing sites in coastal cities in China, CHONGYUAN is specialized in the research and production of color masterbatches and functional masterbatches.The company has a perfect quality management system, cutting-edge production equipment and testing devices, and a sizable technical workforce with years of experience. Our mission is to consistently meet and exceed your needs through our passionate service and reliable quality products. Chongyuan strives to be the best masterbatch supplier in China.

1. Modern production and testing equipment
2. Strong production capacity, high-speed delivery
3. Good quality and competitive price
Free sample
5. 24-hour service


1. What are all the type of masterbatch CHONGYUAN manufacturing and selling?
Additive Masterbatch : including Antioxidant, UV, Oxo-Biodegradable, Antislip and Slip, Antiblock, Antistatic, Antimicrobial, Processing Aids, IR, Alcohol Repellent, Blowing Agent, Light Diffuser, Optical Brightener, Fragrance, Chain Extender, Glow in Dark, Clarifying and Nucleating Agents.
Color Masterbatch :  a catalog of 17,500+ color recipes for use in various polymers (including PE, PP, PET, PC, Styrene's, Acrylic, Polyamides etc.).
Special Effect Masterbatch : including Pearlescent, Metallic, Fluorescent and Fragrance masterbatch...

2. Does the masterbatches influence the property of products?
Some pigments have effect on flame resistance. If used for flame resistace, products should be mentioned as first the detailed applications. Also some additive masterbatch cannot add together in same layers of films since they have adverse effect while using in combination. So in all cases, it is better to consult our technical department for details. 

3. Does the masterbatch need to be dried before use?
In general, it can be used directly except for  styrenic and polycondensation polymers like PET, PC  and some special masterbatch mentioned, which should be dried according to common method and processing condition mentioned in TDS.

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