Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts

Discover our high-quality Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts. Our factory provides top-notch products for medical applications.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Injection Molding, Extrusion, Blow Molding, etc.
Related Industries
Plastics, Packaging, Home Appliance, Textile, etc.
Anti-Fog, UV Resistant, Weather Resistant, Slip
Special Effect
Metallic, Fluorescent, Pearlescent, Textured
Medical, Food Contact, Premium, Industrial
Antiblock;Non Migratory;High Opacity;High Strength
Flame Retardance
Meets Strict International Standard
UV Protection Factor (Uvpf))
up to 800
Thermal Stability
up to 300ºC
Light Fastness
Transport Package
Production Capacity
10000 Tons/Year

Product Description


Product Description

Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts

Chongyuan offers a broad range of standard and customized masterbatch formulations to provide ideal color, additive and property solutions for plastic processing applications. Our potent concentrates are available in various forms to match clients' unique processing requirements and material specifications.

Regardless of the functions needed - whether accent color, flame retardancy, surface effects or physical property optimization -  our expert R&D team works closely with customers to create precise masterbatch compounds tailored to their exact performance demands.

All formulations undergo rigorous quality testing to ensure they meet the highest standards for dispersion, longevity and stability under processing and end use conditions. Concentrates exhibit minimal influence on the target polymer's base properties, delivering the intended performance enhancements within clients' desired specifications.

Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts
Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts
Product Types
• Injection • Extrusion • Film • Fiber
• Pearlescent • Metallic
• Packaging • Light Diffusing

Resin Compatibility:

Anti-static Masterbatch
Weather Resistant Masterbatch
Antimicrobial Masterbatch
Flame Retardant Masterbatch
Anti-reflective Masterbatch
Reinforcing Masterbatch
Anti-block Masterbatch
Fragrance Masterbatch
Toughening Masterbatch

Precise Color Formulation
• Professional color formulation team
• Advanced color formulation technologies
Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts
Uniform dispersion
Long-term color stability
High reactivation
Easy processing
Consistent pellet quality
Key Application Industries
Food Contact Packaging
Home Appliances
Daily Necessities
Office Supplies
Wire & Cable
Pipe & Tubing
Synthetic Fibers
Non-woven Fabrics
Artificial Turfs
Medical Equipment
New Energy
Sanitary Materials
Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts

Product Photography

Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts

Product Parameters




Processing Temperature


Water Content

<0 .2%

Lightfastness Rating


Weather Resistance Rating


Color Match Tolerance △E


Migration Level



As a responsible manufacturer, Chongyuan adheres strictly to RoHS as our baseline environmental policy. Protecting the environment is fundamental to our operations. We are committed to never purchasing, using, making or selling materials or products containing hazardous substances banned for environmental reasons.

Our production meets - and can be customized to exceed - our customers' environmental standards. Upon request, we provide inspection reports for:

RoHS compliance    
Halogen content      
REACH restrictions            
PAH, TBBP-A and heavy metal levels    
Food contact safety  
PFOS/PFOA concentrations

Chongyuan is committed to delivering products of the highest quality. We have established a best-in-class quality management system, leverage advanced production technologies, and conduct rigorous testing. A knowledgeable and seasoned team applies the PDCA methodology for the continuous improvement of our products, services and internal processes to exceed our customers' highest expectations.

Our aim is to provide genuine and authentic value and satisfaction to our customers. To this end, we remain dedicated to supplying products and services characterized by sincerity, integrity and trustworthiness. Relentless innovation drives our solutions forward, enabling us to deliver maximum value and satisfaction for our customers through our excellence in quality and service.

Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts


Company Profile

Chongyuan strives to bring you a vibrant world of color. Red awakens the passion of fire within us, Yellow evokes the richness of Autumn, and Blue inspires vastness like the ocean.   

Founded in 1997, Chongyuan has grown to include multiple factories along China's coast, allowing us to efficiently serve customers worldwide. At Chongyuan, we have the dedication, wisdom, and spirit of exploration that comes from over 20 years of experience in the industry.  

We combine passion for excellence, maturity through experience, and an openness to new possibilities. Our mission is to consistently meet and exceed your needs through our passionate service and reliable quality products. Our vision is to transform the world with color - making it a more beautiful place through Chongyuan masterbatches.

We are committed to delivering exceptional value through innovative materials science, strong technical support and a focus on customer success. We envision a future where our masterbatches help create beneficial products that enhance people's lives in meaningful ways.

Medical Grade Anti Static Red PP/PE/PA Masterbatch for Injection Molded Medical Parts

Our Advantages

The Most Competitive Price - We have nationwide manufacturing footprint and large production capacity

• Intense Color Strength - Our premium colorants provide deep, saturated shades for plastics.

Enhanced Performance - Our products are designed to optimize polymer functionality and improve properties.

Suitable for Multiple Processes - Our masterbatches can be used in injection molding, extrusion and more.

Strict Quality Control - Robust testing and inspection procedures meet standards for plastic coloration products.

• Wide Distribution Network - We have factories around China and logistics partners to deliver products worldwide.

• Consistent Quality - We provide reliable, repeatable color performance with low batch-to-batch variation.


Q: What is masterbatch?
A: Masterbatch is a concentrated mixture of pigments, additives, and carriers that are used to color and modify the properties of plastic materials.

Q: What are the advantages of using masterbatch?
A: Using masterbatch allows for precise color matching, improved processing efficiency, and the addition of functional properties such as UV resistance, flame retardancy, and antistatic properties.

Q: What types of materials can be colored with masterbatch?
A: Masterbatch can be used to color a wide range of materials, including polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, ABS, PET, PVC, and more.

Q: How is masterbatch added to plastic materials?
A: Masterbatch can be added to plastic materials through various methods, including injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, and more.

Q: What is the recommended usage rate for masterbatch?
A: The recommended usage rate for masterbatch varies depending on the type of material being colored and the desired color intensity. Our technical team can help determine the optimal usage rate for your application.

Q: Can masterbatch be customized to meet specific requirements?
A: Yes, our masterbatch can be customized to meet specific color and functional property requirements. Our professional color matching team and advanced computer color matching system ensure accurate color matching.

Q: What is the minimum order quantityfor masterbatch?
A: The minimum order quantity for our masterbatch products varies depending on the type and customization requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What is the lead time for masterbatch orders?
A: Our typical lead time for masterbatch orders is around 7 work days, but this can vary depending on the order quantity and customization requirements. We strive to deliver our products in a timely manner and will provide you with an estimated lead time upon order confirmation.

Q: What quality control measures are in place for your masterbatch products?
A: We have established a best-in-class quality management system and conduct rigorous testing to ensure that our masterbatch products meet the highest standards. Our knowledgeable and experienced team applies the PDCA methodology to continuously improve our products and processes.

Q: Are your masterbatch products environmentally friendly?
A: We offer a range of environmentally friendly masterbatch products that are designed to minimize environmental impact while still providing excellent performance and functionality.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We accept various payment methods, including T/T, D/P, L/C, and Western Union. Please contact us for more information on payment options.




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