PE / PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch

Discover the benefits of our PE/PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch. As a factory, we create high-quality, efficient filler masterbatch products.
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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch
Melting Index 5kg/200ºC
Dissolution Temperature
Transport Package
25kg/Bag or Jumbo Bag
HS Code

Product Description

Filler masterbatch is specially used in LLDPE, LDPE and HDPE blown film products to improve the tensile properties, openness and tear strength. The refractive index of masterbatch is very close to that of polyethylene, and the particle size of inorganic material is smaller than nanometer. The visible light (390-780 mm) has a high light trafficability, so adding appropriate masterbatch does not affect the transparency of products.
PE / PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch
PE / PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch
PE / PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch

Good transparency, uniform dispersion, enhanced tension and so on.

Proportion of application:
According to customer demand for the product appearance, adjust the quantity of additions. The company recommends adding 5% - 35% of the additions.

Physical properties:

Nano-filler Masterbatch
Index Numerical value
Carrier PE/PP
Barium sulfate content 80%-85%
Melting index 5KG/200ºC 1-5g/10min
Density 2.0-2.4g/cm³
Dissolution temperature 140ºC-200ºC
Phase fusibility PP,LLDPE,LDPE,HDPE
Blow film, injection, suction, extrusion, blow moulding products, etc
PE / PP Nano Barium Sulphate Filler Masterbatch

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