Titanate Masterbatch Ken-React CAPS L 12 / L (MB-L12LL)

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
HS Code
Production Capacity
1, 000 Tons/Year

Product Description

Titanate coupler masterbatch MB-L12LL is the masterbatch of titanate TCA-L12 with LLDPE carrier. It is very easy for handle and use.

Name: Titanium IV 2, 2(bis 2-propenolatomethyl)butanolato, tris(dioctyl)phosphato-O
Synonyms: Neopentyl(diallyl)oxy, tri(dioctyl)phosphato titanate
CAS Registry Number: 110438-25-0

Ken-React® CAPS® L® 12/L from Kenrich Petrochemicals, Inc.

Titanate coupler masterbatch MB-L12LL is a free-flow powder with high titanate active content with many advantages as below:
1. Quicker incorporation during mixing and more uniform distribution of titanate in dry blending operations.
2. Greater accuracy in measuring powders rather than liquids.
3. Improved processability, safety and convenience.
4. Lower pollution and user-friendly.

Reactive Substrates
Proton reactivity allows coupling to almost all inorganic and organic substrates such as CaCO3, carbonates, carbon black, graphite, minerals, nano-particulates, silicas, silicates, metals, metal oxides, peroxides, hydrates, acetates, borates, sulfates, nitrates, nitramines, aramid, organic pigments, cellulosics, sulfur, azodicarbonamide, polymers, etc.

Application and performance
MB-L12LL can be used in composite materials to improve thermal stability, surface smoothness and loading level of fillers to reduce the dosage of resin and reduce the cost.
It can be applied to polymers including PP, PE and rubber. MB-L12LL is a surface treatment agent for inorganic fillers such as calcium carbonate, kaoline, talcum etc, to improve hydrophobic property and dispersion of the filler. As a result, the products treated by this product will obtain improved mechanical strength, reduced moisture absorption.
When rubber is filled by the filler of kaolin treated by MB-L12LL, the rubber can obtain improved tearing strength and tensile strength. So silica can be partly replaced.
Titanate Masterbatch Ken-React CAPS L 12 / L (MB-L12LL) Titanate Masterbatch Ken-React CAPS L 12 / L (MB-L12LL)

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